May 25th, 2015

Celebrated Philosopher Renounced Atheism

by Clinton Chisholm
‘Village atheists’ and the more educated ones need to read and properly digest the contents of Antony Flew’s last book The late world renowned British Philosopher and ‘most notorious atheist’ Antony Flew in his last book gave details of the thinking that led him to abandon atheism. The book published in 2008 was titled There is a God.  One of the three cardinal issues that made Flew abandon atheism was a critical event which he…
May 12th, 2015

Strange Coincidence or Special Design in Nature?

by Clinton Chisholm
As rational human beings we make deductions or inferences from evidence or information presented to us all the time. Ponder with me the fitness of so many things in nature for Life.  A fitness which demands a design inference and which defies undirected chance explanations. The material is highlighted in Michael Denton’s book, Nature’s Destiny: How the Laws of Biology Reveal Purpose in the Universe. We probe just four aspects of nature; light, water, oxygen…
May 11th, 2015

Dean Kenyon Renounced Biochemical Evolution

by Clinton Chisholm
Some very ‘wise and prudent’ evolutionists may be unaware of it so let a scientific ‘babe and suckling’ teach them a thing or two. Biological evolution (simple life giving rise to complex life, etc.) is utterly dependent on biochemical evolution (non-living matter becoming alive). If biochemical evolution is mere fiction then biological evolution is a late non-starter. Dean Kenyon, Professor Emeritus of Biology at San Francisco State University along with Gary Steinman authored the pioneering 1969…
May 10th, 2015

Lessons for Mothers and Other Women

by Clinton Chisholm
In a country such as ours where people hype fertility and virility (the ability to become pregnant and get someone pregnant) we often forget the humbling nature of parenting. Though this is Mothers’ day I’ll still say in passing that fatherhood is a status conferred on a man by a child and confirmed by that child’s mother, and motherhood is a status conferred on a woman by a born child, I say born child because…
May 8th, 2015

Science & Life

by Clinton Chisholm
All scientists and we lesser mortals, marvel at the mystery called life including the origin of the universe and why, as Gottfried Leibniz wondered, there is anything here as opposed to just nothing. A major part of the mystery surrounding life is the origin of the genetic information that is encoded in DNA, the blueprint of all living things. Even atheistic biologists concede the awesomeness of the amount of genetic information in even one living…
May 6th, 2015

Reminders For Parents

by Clinton Chisholm
Whoever dares to start a family in these times deserves a medal for bravery or a madcap for folly.  Whoever succeeds at raising a stable, wholesome family bears testimony to the existence of luck or the continuance of miracles. I begin this way because the times in which we live are very tough and the threats to family life as we have known it at its best are very many.  Indeed in some sections of…
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