September 18th, 2014

Killing in Christianity and Islam (WWJD vs. WDMD)

by Clinton Chisholm
Killing In Christianity and islamSome years ago it was almost a norm of principle among many Christians in deciding on daily issues not clearly dealt with in the New Testament to ask ‘What Would Jesus Do (WWJD)’? That approach for many Christians today is still applicable especially in analyzing the behaviour of individual Christians and the Church as a whole in history or at present. So the Crusades are denounced by the WWJD mindset because the ‘intent to slaughter…
August 24th, 2014

Silent Grief

by Clinton Chisholm
robin williams silent griefThe shocking death by suicide of comedic actor Robin William has catalyzed some thoughts I am still musing about, the unexpressed grief that some people go through. We all need to be more sensitive, discerning even, but even then we would miss some still. Can you wrap your brain around the level of grief Williams was experiencing that would prompt him to take his own life? Imagine the trauma of losing a pregnancy or several…
June 24th, 2014

Guilty Silence, Indictable Ignorance or What?

by Clinton Chisholm
Guilty-Silence--Indictable-Ignorance-or-WhatEven non-lawyers know that though an accused person need not utter a word in her defence—since the burden of proof is almost always on the prosecution—that right to silence could be read as ‘guilty silence’. Before I expose the burden of this piece let me say that I have no degree in law or any of the sciences. In fact, I failed Biology at O’Levels. Confession aside then, it troubles me that amidst the ongoing…
June 22nd, 2014

Society’s Ethical Dilemma

by Clinton Chisholm
 Societys-Ethical-DilemmaWhether the sense of rightness and wrongness is the result of nature (thus innate), nurture (thus indoctrinated) or a bit of both one thing is sure almost everyone has this sense. When we meet someone who seems to lack this basic sense we say of that one “ratta nyam out fi im conchens” (roughly translated “[s]he lacks a conscience”). Even though we may not be consciously aware of it, every time we act we…
June 8th, 2014

Mr. Wickham’s Queries

by Clinton Chisholm
Mr-Wickhams-QueriesThough I am grateful for Mr. Wickham’s kind comment about my piece I need to point out that I was not involved in ‘contextualization’ but in a responsible reading of an ancient text, showing due regard for its varied contexts in a literary sense. By the way, though my view may not be shared by some Christians my understanding of reading a text ‘literally’ means taking each kind of literature at face value according to…
June 7th, 2014

Misreading the Bible

by Clinton Chisholm
Reading-The-Bible-ResponsiblyMr. Peter Wickham is a very educated man but he and even most Christians need to understand how to read an ancient text from a different cultural milieu to ours. I illustrate the need with Mr. Wickham’s (mis)reading of the issue of slavery in the Bible in his column in the Barbados Nation of May 25, 2014. Mr. Wickham charges that “Slavery is justified in both principle and practice throughout the Old and New Testament.”…
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